Good governance within a company, far from being a philosophical concept, promotes a new mode of business management based on The search for compromises between the competing interests of stakeholders through the distribution of rights and responsibilities between various actors in the life of the company.
We are therefore proud to have succeeded in the challenge of putting the EPE ENR SPA in the orbit of good governance and making it a benchmark in this area. This would certainly not be possible if we had not focused our strategy on the synergy of efforts, the implementation of management by objectives (MPO) and the prioritization of mechanisms to challenge skills.
This strategy ensures us not only a predominant position in the face of the competition, but also to instill a new managerial dynamic based on the interaction between the different structures, without ignoring the integrity that imposes on everyone, within the company, to act according to the values ​​and principles on which depend confidence and effective management.
We also attach major importance to strategic planning, which remains the keystone of governance combining rationality with efficiency insofar as it serves to determine the actions that we should take in order to be part of a dynamic performance and development.
Also, in a world increasingly focused on ecological and environmental issues, where the contrast is striking between the gravity of the environmental and climatic situation in the medium and long term and the relative inertia shown by economic players, our company is still inclined to integrate respect for the environment among its top priorities.
Above all, within the company EPE ENR SPA, we attach great importance to the human resource which remains our primary asset, our source of pride and our main lever for success and progress.