« The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said


In order to improve communication within a company, it is essential to remove the ambiguities that disrupt the flow of information between the various internal and external partners, and to carry out actions promoting communication likely to maintain favorable relations. at work between all the players.

In our company more than elsewhere, information, which is the raw material for decision-making, should not be given but rather constructed. That said, the development of a permanent, open and rapid system for the flow of information within the company has become an important issue of efficiency.

It is in this context that a communication unit was created whose main objective is to get closer to human capital, to listen to it and meet its expectations.

Since the installation of, Mr. BELARBI Anis, as Chairman and CEO of the company, a significant improvement in communication is felt, which was reflected in his field visits which concretizes direct contact with his staff, creation and implementation of the official company page * since July 2020, constituting a real window for the exchange of information.

This has enabled a better rapprochement between the General Management and its staff by providing them with direct and reliable information.

The missions of the communication cell can be summarized essentially as follows:

  • Inform and explain,
  • animate organizational life by involving staff in the active life of the company while creating a team spirit and a common culture, in order to adhere to the overall strategy of the company.

As agreed in the press release, an internal communication policy will be put in place accompanied by several communication mechanisms as developed as they are varied allowing the employee to express himself and raise the need that will be addressed.