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EPE ENR SPA « National Recovery Company `` »

The National Recovery Company “ENR”,is a Public Economic Company in the legal form of a SPA, created in 1966, specialized in the field of recovery, treatment, recycling and marketing of ferrous and non-ferrous waste such as main activity, the demolition of disused works of art and the dismantling of infrastructure, reformed industrial installations and complexes, as well as the design, manufacture and installation of weighing and industrial control instruments.

Formerly reporting to the Société de gestion des participations SGP, ENR was the result of the restructuring by merger / absorption of the former recovery companies of the Center (ERC), EST (ERE) and West (ERO). Divided into units, the company operates throughout the country. To do this, it can proudly “count” on the dedication and professionalism of its staff, both in administration and in workshops and construction sites. Its engineers show great mastery of new technologies.

Over the years, ENR has established itself as a leading company in its field. This is demonstrated by the “encouraging” results recorded.
It has eight (08) operational units located in the national territory (EAST, CENTER, WEST and SOUTH).



Year 1966

Creation of “National Recovery Company” “ENR”, as a

Public Economic company in the legal form of a SPA.


Restructuring by merger / absorption of the former recovery companies of the Center (ERC), EST (ERE) and West (ERO).


Divided into units, the company operates throughout the country.


In a highly competitive market, we are now a key player, our strategic orientation is based on a proactive approach towards suppliers and customers.

We intend to continue our dynamic and our gradual growth, by further strengthening our current network, by positioning ourselves in new markets with high potential and by constantly continuing to surpass ourselves.

Through our strategy of diversifying the company’s activities that we have put in place and the multiplication of our partners on the market; our ambition to put the company on the path of excellence and performance
The company is thus energetically deployed through the efficient management of human resources, and the updating of work procedures.


The EPE ENR SPA can pride itself on having relied on a young and dynamic staff who operate at the pace of modern management, continuously improving through the various skills development plans.

Dynamism, performance, effectiveness and efficiency are the key words, with insistence, by the governing bodies of the company in order to guarantee a sustainable and effective process of value creation in accordance with all parties. – internal and external stakeholders and in compliance with legal regulations, internal statutes and ethical principles; Thus :

  • Dans as part of the deployment of its new managerial strategy, based, in addition to organization and leadership, on motivation and performance;
  • Launch the career management procedure that will allow career advancements according to clear, fair and equitable rules based on experience and merit;
  • Favor internal recruitments for management positions, whenever recourse to internal skills is possible.



As in the modern professional world, the concept of SAFETY and SAFETY is extremely important, given the multiple risks likely to disturb the safety of workers and the company’s infrastructures, an upgrade of structures and infrastructures has been carried out. (within the ENR) by the implementation of a structural organization, in application of the regulatory texts and directives of the Ministry of Industry, aiming to face the imperatives of safety and thus to work to ensure to the workers, the ideal security conditions, allowing the exercise of their respective functions.


Our environmental commitments translate into action principles that guide the environmental policy of “EPE ENR SPA”, which push us to:

  • Strengthen consideration of the environment in the treatment of our products;
  • Develop product ranges that respect environmental and social criteria;
  • Reduce the environmental impacts associated with our activities and the operation of our projects.

"More than 50 years serving the environment"









The implementation of Integrated Management by relaunching work on the ISO 9001 V 2015 (QMS) certificate and extending the certification to other standards; ISO 14001 V2018 (Environmental Management) and ISO 45001, V2018, (Occupational health and safety);

Set up a macrostructural organization of the company as well as the microstructural organization of units and organic functions;

Strengthen the key functions of the company: Management, Operations, management control, Prospecting, etc.